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Hi all,

I'm french so i'm sorry for my english.

I need help for changed duende v2 color

[Image: 3c3e9b033d.png]
This is in blue.


[Image: dc74e54253.png]

This is in white, no black.


[Image: 38dd6bd43c.png]

This is in white, no grey. Sad


[Image: 1978277b5b.png]

And the button in blue or white.

[Image: d62ff813da.png]
And this is

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so far as i understand you want:
the top menu with blue background
the forum display background in white

you will need to change not only the background but also the tborder bg image, text colors etc etc

it would be easyer for me to do it than to explain it how to
pls pm me your forum url and a temp admin account and ill gladly change that for you
also pls choose the colors you want here:
and send also the color code
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Ok, fine Smile

(look PM)
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(2015-07-26, 10:23 AM)Talikan Wrote: Ok, fine Smile

(look PM)

ok m8
ive sorted it for you Wink
anything else just buzz me
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Thanks for help, subzr1.

Final :
[Image: 555d345ed4.png]

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