Solved: 6 Years ago [General] [IMG] and [Video] tags not working correctly
Solved: 6 Years ago

I had an issue with 'img' and 'video' tags, they were only displaying as links across my site. After some research I learned that an upgrade disabled the parsing of videos and images in posts from the UserCP. So I changed it for everyone so they could see them again.

However, I have two other plugins where I'm having this issue. DVZ Shoutbox, and Recent Status Updates. Instead of the video/image being embedded it shows it as a link:


This used to work in DVZ Shoutbox before, I know that. I'm not as sure in the recent status updates plugin. It's weird because they're both trying to parse it, but for some reason it keeps coming out as a link like that. Is there some kind of global setting or file edit I can make to parse MyCode across the entire site?
Solved: 6 Years ago
Dunno if correct, but there may be a option at this page that may be causing it:

Solved: 6 Years ago
Check this reply:

and replace showimages with showvideos to enable videos
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