Solved: 7 Years, 1 Month, 4 Weeks ago [Solved] Creating Internal Links
Solved: 7 Years, 1 Month, 4 Weeks ago
I noticed you cannot use [iurl] tags in myBB, and there is no option to specify the target of a link.

The only post I could find on this issue was here, from 8 years ago.

Obviously the coding is now much different, as I found.

Is there a method that allows internal linking, or a plugin? If not, would someone be able to post the updated code for the current version of myBB?

I could try it myself, but I would only be guessing, and have to do it by trial and error.

Found a newer post on the same topic here.

Decided to give it a go and the steps worked, with only a minor change to the last part. The new code is:

global $mybb;
if(!preg_match("#^[a-z0-9]+://#i", $url)

if(strpos($url, $mybb->settings['bburl']) !== false)
    $link = "<a href=\"$url\"{$nofollow}>$name</a>";
    $link = "<a href=\"$url\" target=\"_blank\"{$nofollow}>$name</a>";

It works perfectly.

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