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Of all the mybb mods I have come to love, mybb bot is one very interesting one, check out some fun things I used this bot for, as long as threads and post and spam are concerned there are so many possibilities. 

 some examples in my forum 

-if a thread/post has some filtered Words (strings), they are reported and poster is warned in a pm

-in my introduction forum, when users use string like "hi I am", the bot welcomes them

-when admin uses a string like "calling bot" it responds by replying "what do you need" (geeks can add boss or master)

-when admin uses string like "bot close thread or bot delete thread or even bot stick thread,  the bot does the corresponding action"     

-and when a filtered word is posted, an immediate message from the bot saying we are watching you follows. (not yet on my forum)

 Examples of introduction and close thread on my forum

So let's see how you have brought your bot to live, not some dead bot with no actions. 

Bot lovers (please don't say that out loud)

This is some kinda of support BTW
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I have been looking into this plugin and had thought of some of the things you've mentioned here. The auto close/delete thread one is just awesome.

Thanks for sharing your experience with it.
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