Not Solved Odd thread view issue
Not Solved
My conversion consisted of this:

ipb 3.4 -> mybb 1.8.5

Some usergroups can view all threads and some cannot. It seems to have changed some usergroups default thread view to "last day" instead of "Show ALL".

Do I physically need to edit each 80+ members via acp to change this?

I cannot seem to find an option to set all users to a certain thread view besides usenet.


Tried to resolve by the following:
Set a user to "show all threads" via forum display options in profile.
Set category and forum to date cut off: "beginning".
Recount and Rebuild
Recached all

Nothing seems to affect it..still shows:

Sorry, but there are currently no threads in this forum with the specified date and time limiting options.

Any ideas?

To resolve this I had to create a new forum with the same settings and then move all threads into the new forum.
Not Solved
Don't know why that gone wrong, IPB doesn't have an equivalent setting and it's not merged at all. You can reset all users to "Use Default" with that query:
UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `daysprune` = 0;

(How to run a query)
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Not Solved
The final fix was to do a re-install of fresh mybb and merge. All is fine now Smile

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