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I used Google SEO in my mybb 1.6 forum and it worked great I used features, Meta, 404 and sitemaps in Google SEO. Now I upgraded it to mybb 1.8 and installed Google SEO from the github repository and enabled Meta, 404 and sitemaps, all worked fine.

But it automatically enables the the Google SEO url and redirect, the forum changed to the new url scheme, evethough it is disabled in the control panel and the relevant .htaccess parts are removed.

Dont know why this is happened ? anyone have a solution ?
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This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
The plugin itself doesn't do anything of the sort, it even comes with these settings as default-off so you have to turn on after installing it.

Maybe your settings.php is not writable and does not agree to what is set in the database?

The alternative would be some other plugin or code modification that messes with it...
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Is there any other plugins available which can create a site map for mybb 1.8?
Not Solved
You didn't edit the htaccess file correctly or installed it wrong. I think you may also need to rebuild cache under tools & maintenance if you're having the url issue.
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