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Not Solved Where do I go to edit the thread status images?
Not Solved
Hi, I am looking for a way to edit these icons:
[Image: cbaae30a08d6d345900242b9b31c68b1.png]

I checked all over the template panel and did not see it anywhere. I know I can just replace the images, but I don't like that because it forces me to use .jpg or .gif or whatever the image was already. I also like to have different file names.
Not Solved
In 1.6 these icons are all stored in the /images directory as separate .gif files.

Look at all files starting with dot, with folder, with hot, with newfolder, with lock, with newlock and with newhotfolder. Perhaps I forgot some, further not all are actually used I think.
Regards, Ad Bakker (NL)

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