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Hello I have a problem with my forum, it was working fine but lately it always logs me out whenever I close my browser and when I log in it never offers to save my password.. my browser has my password already saved though so maybe thats why..

but I tried to remove it, clear my cache, uninstall and reinstall chrome which is the browser I use but nothing fix it. Now I tried with other browsers too and its the same, this seems to happen only on mybb forums in general not just mine though. I've been searching for a fix but only found solution for admin panel, but my admin panel is working fine, the problem is the forum

Anyone knows how to fix this? Thanks!

EDIT.. it seems it is only my forum not keeping me logged in
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post forum url & a test user account so that someone can check it
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Hi thanks for replying, here is the test account

Username: Test Account
Password: testaccount1

Forum URL:

I also added a remember me box to the header welcomeblock_guest template but still everytime I close my browsers, it logs me out. I tried using my phone to access the forum and it doesnt log me out there even when closing phone's browser

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