2 Small Plugin Requests (Paid)
This is a 2 small plugin requests that I'm willing to pay for.

A. Secondary Portal Page.

Description: The separate portal page works like the MyBB stock portal, but it grabs different threads based on a separate plugin setting in the Admin CP.

For example:
Portal A (portal.php) will show threads from Forum A, B, C, D.
Portal B (portal2.php) will show the thread from Forum E, F, G, H.

Based on the This thread

B. Sidebar Boxes

Description: The sidebox plugin will grab its title and post contents from a certain thread (tid). It has to be able to insert it to any page or at least the portal, index, and forumdisplay, and showthread pages.

Uses {$sidebar1} and {$sidebar2} to call upon the boxes on the pages.

Payment: Paypal
PM Me for further discussion.

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