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International Forum Awards (IFA)
Quote:I like your register button where it is up top and part of the forums! Good idea.

Thanks Doug Cool

Just a reminder that the first round of voting closes in 4 days time, then the category winners will be announced
Today is the last day of voting, the winners will be announced tomorrow. Big Grin If you have not yet voted, please take a minute to vote for your favourite forum and personality
Category Winners

The first round of voting has closed and we are pleased to announce the Category Winners. All the category winners will go into the second round of voting and be in the running for Forum of the Year

Congratulations to all the category winners

[Image: artcat.jpg]

Amy Winehouse Forum
Arts, Culture and Society Category Winner

[Image: businesscat.jpg]

Private HYIPs
Business, Financial and Government Category Winner

[Image: entertainmentcat.jpg]

TV and Dinner
Entertainment, Food and Drink Category Winner

[Image: healthcat.jpg]

My Parent Connection
Health, Medicine and Family Category Winner

[Image: newscat.jpg]

Chat Daily UK
News, Media and Regional Category Winner

[Image: sciencecat.jpg]

UK Webmaster World
Science, Technology and Internet Category Winner

[Image: sportscat.jpg]

Outdoor Living Supplies Gardening Forum
Sports and Recreation Category Winner

International Forum Awards (IFA)
People Awards

Voting has closed and we are pleased to announce our People Awards

Congratulations to all the winners

[Image: aoty.jpg]

Joy at Chat Daily UK
Admin of the Year

[Image: moty.jpg]

nunulka at Web Life
Moderator of the Year

[Image: poty.jpg]

toopeekaa 1 at Talk Thailand
Personality of the Year

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