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(12-04-2016, 08:11 AM)rajeevrrs55 Wrote: Good Idea but reputations system is more important and it not a good plan to remove reputation system from mybb forum.


The reputation system creates elitism, and I would endorse it's removal. If you want it, get a plugin.
[Image: kAhpvOW.png]
I like Facebook's reactions (and the similar MyReactions plugin available for MyBB 1.8), but would want an easy way to extend the list of possible reactions. Yes, I believe that "dislike" is a valid reaction.

Something like this will get rid of a bunch of "+1" or "Me too" posts (a net gain IMNSHO).

Another model to look at is Slashdot's moderation. Posts can be marked as Normal (0), Informative (+1), Interesting (+1), Funny (+1), Off-topic (-1), Troll (-1), Flame Bait (-1), Redundant (-1), Underrated (+1), or Overrated (-1). The engine combines the votes and shows a score and reason: Informative (5). Of course Slashdot conversations are purely hierarchical and users of a certain karma are granted with limited moderating points.
I suggest having an opt in/out for it. I don't care for it but I do know others do.
Could This be added as a Feature for 2.0 ? MyReactions
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
I really like how facepunch's forum and discords system works for doing this sort of thing.
an opt in/out would be great, I agree with that.

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