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Private Conversations
It would be nice to set a different layout for only postbit of private messages, so if one wants to can have a graphics only for private messages. It is what I'm trying to do on 1.8 but I don't know how Sad To have postbit template on private messages and postbit_classic on the rest of the forum.
^I believe they will have different templates.
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(2015-09-20, 02:56 PM)Starpaul20 Wrote: ^I believe they will have different templates.

And if they don't, it'll be an easy change to make as subviews are included in the views themselves rather than hidden in the backend code Smile
Very good news Big Grin
It will be awesome, cause , it's gonna be more user friendly as well as more clean and stylish !
Great Job !
sounds good.. better then installing plugins that make website slow.
I'm thinking I'll love this feature, in this way private conversations can be used like groups (private / public) like on Vbulletin.

I would like to share info (threads?) only with specific users or specific groups. So this private conversation would be perfect. No threads but it is the same idea, no?

Or add in New Thread template, after Title, Message etc "Visible to:" and a listbox with "All (all users, all groups), Only GroupA, Only GroupB, Only Group etc, Only User..and search user, Only Users A, B" etc.

I don't know if you understand what I mean,
sorry for English.
Yeah, private conversations are similar to threads, but private to only a few invited users. There's no limit on the number of users, so it should do what you explained Smile
Great feature!

The problem is that I'll have 2000 private conversations only in Private Messages category rotfl
Yeah, I imaging that may become a little difficult to manage Wink

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