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Private Conversations
Does anyone remember that instant messenger plugin for Vbulletin? Something like that would be huge if it came "out the box" with a forum solution, and would certainly attract a lot of interest...

If you don't remember it, the info is all in the link...remove the vulnerability side of things, it was an awesome little addon and is still one of the most requested features amongst my members.
Looks Great, cant wait for this to be released Smile
Wow, I'm loving the look of that for the Private Conversations. Great work.
This is exactly what  am looking for on a small community forum of several developments

The main board is for just general info sharing etc but PM I want to be able to pre-set the conversations with the user and just the Admin Team so users can report their personal problems privately to the Admin team and have a record log of issues

Of course the other major missing component is attachments so pictures and files can be uploaded

Looking forward to it as I am currently stuck without this
that's nice
I’m liking what I’ve seen today in the implements sections.
Looks nice, will it be like Instant messaging or will I still have to reload to see the next message or so?
[Image: logo.png]
The current 2.0 code requires a refresh, but the plan is to have it poll for new messages periodically.
When will the version be released ...?
(2018-04-02, 08:49 AM)@[email protected] Wrote: When will the version be released ...?

"When it is ready™"

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