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(04-02-2018, 08:57 AM)Ben Cousins Wrote:
(04-02-2018, 08:49 AM)@[email protected] Wrote: When will the version be released ...?

"When it is ready™"

I know that when you are ready you will be released.
But there is no specific time or time period.
For example: one, two, or three months.
Put a copy for developers. To be tested and the problems and deficiencies with the development and support team
There are lots to do with 2.0 yet. Nobody can forecast a date as all the developers are voluntary. They put efforts only on their spare available times just because they love MyBB.
You can keep an eye on MyBB 2 Repository and assume yourself about its final release.
Disclaimer: Don't be misguided looking at my usergroup and assume whatever I say is official. When I speak in community I am just a member with personal opinions.
Also worth noting that we are currently focused on 1.9 and future incremental versions such as 1.10 which take the approach of smaller releases improving upon the 1.x code rather than a full rewrite.

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