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Moderation System Enhancements
(2015-08-30, 07:37 PM)Justin S. Wrote:
(2015-08-27, 05:55 PM)SolarCrane Wrote: How is the report center going to work? Is it all going to be on one page, or is it still going to be like the previous versions that really make the moderation process longer on bigger forums?

It hasn't been implemented (or even designed) yet so we don't have an answer to this yet. That said, how does the current report center make the moderation process difficult for larger forums?

When a post is reported, you have click on the report, get directed to a simple table that does not really provide any kind of organization, and then open the thread or post in a new tab and deal with it, then come back and close the report. I honestly think it could be a bit more centralized and moderator friendly than it is right now, maybe even the ability to deal with the thread on the report itself, assign the report to someone, issue a warning, etc.

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