Not Solved [General] Where is this code?
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(2015-08-18, 02:07 PM)Darkrad Wrote: This is my editor in dark theme
[Image: OZ05rP.jpg]
Black background, white letters, everything is OK.

And this is my editor in white theme.
[Image: Qla0zr.jpg]
White background, white letters, nothing can be seen.

ISSUE : When I look at the codes I see these letters take color from jquery.sceditor.mybb.css 
When I change that unseeable white color there,  color in DARK THEME also changes.
So I make it black to be able to see it in white theme, then I can not see anything in black background!

I found out I can create duplicate file of jquery.sceditor.mybb.css, name it jquery.sceditor.mybb2.css with different letter colors and use it.

So I need to find & change this code.
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=" .../jscripts/sceditor/jquery.sceditor.mybb.css">

Anyone knows where is this particular code is located? My jquery.sceditor.mybb2.css file is ready all I have to do is changing this code I think?
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You can change the style in you theme properties.
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I am already using different editor styles.
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You need to duplicate that editor style. Make one called white, the other called black, or whatever you like, its just that the editor style and editor css need to have the "same" name.


Go to the jscripts/sceditor folder via ftp. You will see a folder called textarea styles. Edit the white to work with a white background and black text.


See what I mean?
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Those are already 2 different styles.
One is called Majestic (which is actually something like Monocon black)
The other one is Monocon.
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(2015-09-02, 04:24 PM)Darkrad Wrote: Those are already 2 different styles.

But not different editor styles. Just follow Leefish's advice.
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Tried it, I managed to change background color, I managed to change buttons inside color.
Can't which code changes color of letter. 
Would be glad if someone can show me exact which code I should change because when I look to source of the page it says it takes letter color from some other file called /jscripts/sceditor/jquery.sceditor.mybb.css

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