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Not Solved [How To?] Image attachments
Not Solved
I have the image attachments allowed, and enabled everywhere i can find.  I can add an attachment, however i do not see how to add inline to the post.  

When i click to add an image from the GUI right above where I make my post it only allows for a URL I would like to be able to host the file on my site, instead of the file possible being removed from imugr or a similar photo site.  Is that possible?


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Not Solved
Not shore if I understand you right. But after you have uploaded one attachment, at the end of the page, there is a button "Insert to post", press that where you want the attachment to show in your post.
Not Solved
i believe you are using the insert image button in the editor toolbar... instead, just scroll down to find "Attachments" section and hit the "Choose File" button to add images...
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That seems to be it, thanks guys.

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