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2.0 Patches
(09-07-2015, 08:26 AM)frostschutz Wrote: The page above describes something about theming, and that's one case where you don't have to patch at all (for example CSS, you can just add another CSS file and override previously set values with it). MyBB 1.x also already has a "child theme" concept, maybe it doesn't take it quite as far as wordpress but the basics are there.

That's great but doesn't help when you want to change a specific bit of code in core that you can't get at through plugin hooks. With full OOP maybe you could overload functions in ugly ways without patching their originals but - you still have to adapt your version when the original receives some kind of update.

In the end patching gives you some fine grained control not achieved otherwise.

I'm perfectly fine with using patches. I use it on all the forums I currently run/have ran.
ceterum censeo... This should be a core feature. And maybe until then it could be revived as a plugin that works in 1.8/9 ?
@linguist I am using Patches currently on 1.8.x

It works fine.
A quick search here told me it didn't. But ok. Did you modify it other than the compatibility "18*" setting?
You don't even have to do that:

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