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Introduce Yourself!
Saying Hello to all of you, I am also newbie here, just joined this forum site ,,,,,,,,,
Hello. My name is Signe and I'm a Norwegian software engineer. Joined this forum to learn more about MyBB and broaden my knowledge. Looking forward to being a part of it  Smile
Hello everyone, I' m Milly.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Am Ayodele Segun Flexible
Am from Nigeria ,
Am a humble type, and am The Owner Of The Top Popular Forum In Nigeria
Haven't used MyBB in a long time. Going to start a new forum soon, and a few people recommended it (I also was thinking of using it due to its excellent permissions system). I'm 16 years old, have bought a shared hosting package, and if I need any help or just want a place to chill out with other MyBB users, I'll be here.
Nice Big Grin
Welcome to the board Big Grin Just ask if you need anything.
MyBB Translator & helper
Please do not PM me requesting free support or help for your forums.
You can see my paid services here.
Hi I am Health Blogger and Internet Geek.
Hello from Spain,

Currently I'm managing some forums and i plan to increase the number, so I'm here to learn as much as I can Smile.

Hi there! I'm Jay and I have been using MyBB off and on for many years but now im finally starting to really get into it again. At the moment I'm just using MyBB as the backend for my company's employee communication system and front-end website. I hope to learn many fun new things about MyBB and maybe even help other members as Im pretty tech savvy.
My nickname is Kitsune. I'm a community enthusiast, and have participated in many forums and imageboards. I live in the united states, am interested in web development. More recently C#. I've used MyBB since around 2014-2015, and I really enjoy the software and the extendability provided by the plugin system.

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