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Hello I'm Wabz aka Chris Whelan, I live in a town in England Called Billingham. I have a range of hobbies from Camping to Drinking, and love Hip Hop music

Give me some details about yourself Big Grin

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hey im daniel, i live in Melbourne Australia and i like to play sports and spend time with my better half Toungue and i like to listen to anything with a good sound Smile
I'm Scott Hough, I live in Tucson, Arizona. I do web design and play video games on my spare time. I prefer classic rock & metal, but I like most music except country, gangtsa rap, r&b, and opera though I like classical. Oh, and I created the light theme for MyBB thats the default theme now. Smile

<edit>I forgot to mention, on the other boards I went by DesignersBlock.</edit>
I am the Shadow that lurks in the night... I am Darkwing Duck!

I'm your humble and friendly MyBB Manager, Lead Developer and Other. I still study full time at school (Last year!) and also maintain two other jobs along side MyBB. You can visit my personal site here:

Hey, I'm Time, from England. I'm a full time astrophysics student at university. I like to read, listen to music and chill out. My musical tastes are varied from metal to classical, but I prefer classical literature. My hobbies include astronomy, hockey, badminton, computing, girls, linguistics and writing.
Hi im Dale, I live in the county of Warwickshire in England. Im a school drop out because of bad family problems and I enjoy programming. I use HTML, PHP, MySQL, Visual Basic[dot]NET. I'm not a fan of girls... so yes i am gay... so make sure there aint no jokes directed at me then. Thanks Big Grin

Oh and im 16, 17 in November. Big Grin
I am Mnjul. Busy with fixing my Hard disk right now. So if you don't know me, it's ok Toungue

Cool, please add meta tag (assigning "content type: text/html; charset: iso-8859-1") to head. You know what I mean as you did it beforeSmile

Oh dear me! I didn't captialize "M" in mnjul as the username...please fix it up for me, surfi, thanks, I'd really appreciate it Smile
I'm GiantSpider James Etherington. I know a few people here and they know who they are. I'm 14 from just up the road from where Wabz lives. Remember I sugested the quick edit/delete and Chris called me lazy. lol

EDIT: Read MM's post and thought I should add I play cornet (trumpet to all you plebs) for numerous bands and we could do with a tenor sax player as we only have alto's.
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I go by the name of musicalmidget, I'm (still) very musical but no longer am I so small. Toungue

I live in Yorkshire, England, and am currently sitting AS Level exams at my schools sixth form, where I have one year left before I leave.

My hobbies range from running and maintaining my website (myBB Mods), to playing my tenor saxophone in numerous bands in and around the town.

I enjoy being a part of the myBB community and will see you all around as it grows even larger. Smile

GiantSpider Wrote:Remember I sugested the quick edit/delete and Chris called me lazy. lol

lol. I seem to remember that I said the same to Shady when he suggested it to me a few months back. Toungue

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