Not Solved [Performance] Site extremely slow after update
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I updated my site to 1.8.6 and after that everything works there super slowly.  I have to wait like up to 10 seconds for page to load. This is not my host's problem, because only forums are affected, main site is still fast. This problem started JUST after I updated to 1.8.6
Not Solved
Is this on all areas of the site or just the admin panel? What plugins do you have installed? Please provide a forum url.
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There's a known issue with a core database function that's causing some major slowdowns on the plugin listing page, but that shouldn't be used anywhere else. Can you list your plugins as Leefish asked? For more information, see here:
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All areas of the forum. ACP is Generated in 71.715 seconds. Other pages similar.
Apply Thread Prefix (1.1)
AutoMedia (3.0.3)
Shows Avatar on Threadlist and Forumlist (2.8.1)
Country Flag (1.1)
Floating Guest Notify (1.2)
Forum Views (2.0)
Inferno Shoutbox (1.3.1)
Latest Posts in sidebar (1.0)
MyAlerts (2.0.2)
MyForumIcons (1.00)
MyProfile (0.5)
MySEO (1.1)
MySubscriptions (2.01)
MyTabs (2.00)
OUGC Additional Usergroup Images (1.8)
OUGC Announcement Bars (1.8.0)
Recent Threads (8.0)
Report Private Messages (1.0.1)
SCD Hide From Groups (Free SCD Plugin) (2.5)
sitemapengine (1.0)
Social Sites (0.3.1)
Style Usernames (MyBB 1.6) (1.0.0)
Team Online (1.2.1)
Thank You/Like System (1.9.5)
Ticketsystem (1.1.2)
Top Stats (1.0.4)
View Groups (1.6)

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