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I want to change the background from the grey to a background image - I guess this is set under "Themes" -> "Body Background Image" but the pic shows up in the head of the tables only, not on the whole page!
what's wrong ?
I want to get the "ocean background" from this in this

the background stays unchanged in themes from the mybboard homepage, too!

I'm using Mozilla Firefox 1.0
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[Image: backimage.png]

Use the bit marked in the red area. Smile
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Actually, the problem is not that you used the wrong field but that you entered the wrong URL in the field. You have it set for default/back.jpg but it should be set as back.jpg
Matt Light
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thx Matt!
that fixed it Smile
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Yeah that doesn't work for me it just removes it completly.

i have tried:

images/back.gif - shows a little in the header
back.gif - nothing shows
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Quote:images/back.gif - shows a little in the header

This is becuase you have repeat-x in the background image attributes box underneath the Background Image setting, just delete repeat-x from the box below the background image property and you backgroudn image will display fine.
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actually, removing repeat-x will only show the image once, having repeat-x shows the image horozontally, and having repeat-y shows it verticly, so plain repeat should work if you put it in the box.
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I'm actually having the same problem with Firefox. I.E. displays the background images normally but Firefox does not. I have phpbb set up on the same server (a local server) and the background images work but with mybb I can't seem to get the background to work properly. The thing is that if I go to the Admin Control Panel in Firefox, everything looks fine. Is there some sort of problem with my css?

Here's a look at the forum with the light theme and some graphical changes I made.

EDIT: After further research it does seem that my CSS just isn't loading in Firefox. The background images aren't the issue.

EDIT2:Issue resolved. I followed the process in this thread and resolved the issue.

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