The MyBB Group & Microsoft Corporation Partnership
WARNING: The content in this post is completely fictional. They were used as apart of our 2007 April Fools joke.

SYDNEY, Australia, April 1, 2007 - Today the MyBB Group are proud to announce a strategic partnership between the MyBB Group and the Redmond based Microsoft Corporation.

The MyBB Group are proud to have formed an alliance with Microsoft as this can guarantee the future availability of MyBB with quick and further optimized releases backed from a company with strong roots in the area of software development.

With this partnership MyBB will be transformed in to an ASP.NET web application powered by the MSSQL database server. ASP.NET is a world class web development language used behind some of the webs biggest sites and coupled with MSSQL it is an enterprise-class software development platform. (This will replace the PHP and MySQL editions of MyBB)

The new requirements to run MyBB will be a Microsoft Windows Server operating system with Internet Information Services.

The MyBB Group will also be developing lite and commercial versions of MyBB including:
  • Lite version - Basic functionality, does not support multiple forums (only one forum), unlimited posts & threads, no support for attachments, no member list, no calendar, no polls, no plugin system.
  • Full version ($249 USD) - Full MyBB functionality.

The new ASP.NET versions of MyBB will be available within the coming months. More information will be provided at a later stage.

New Administration Control Panel
You've been waiting for it, we've been waiting to talk about it and we're excited that now we can actually talk about it.

With our partnership with Microsoft we have totally refined the Administration Panel, building it directly in to the Microsoft Windows operating system. You can remotely administer your forum from any Windows operating system using the Microsoft Management Console which contains a high level of integration and design to make administration much easier.

Screenshot: (click to enlarge)
[Image: admin-mmc-t.png]

Active Directory Integration
By rewriting MyBB in to ASP.NET we gain the added functionality of being able to further integrate MyBB in to common workplace systems, for example Microsoft's Active Directory.

Active Directory is an LDAP based directory database for users, groups, security and computer information for an entire computer enterprise or business. Active Directory can also be used as an authentication method for defining Windows logons and access policies.

MyBB tightly integrates with Active Directory services - your corporate and enterprise users need not have two accounts on your network - one single sign on will work for both your corporate network and installation of MyBB.

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Thank you for your continued support and we're looking forward to an exciting future.

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