Discuss: The MyBB Group & Microsoft Corporation Partnership
Bas Wrote:nice joke
to bad it is only a joke I really like new admin panel... Smile

Hopefully you'll be equally as impressed with the real one. Smile
LOL! You had me scared for a minute. Wink Nice joke!

FYI: I'm not a sir, dude, or guy. I am a 'miss'. Rolleyes
omgs!! f*** mybb!!! Big GrinBig Grin

that really scared me Sad
Nice... now how many of those got it wrong .. mwahahahah
Nice 1.4 ac panel
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wahaha! I'm shocked... MSSQL? ASP.net? noooooooooo! ... hehehe... nice joke man... you really scared me... Sad
That freaked me out a bit until I realised what day it was.
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The little boat gently drifted across the pond exactly the way a bowling ball wouldn't.
Grrrrrr.... my heart is beating very fast now haha. i would have to go back to phpbb Sad good thing it was a joke
I was getting ready to write a mean mean mean "Tikitiki said it was always going to be free post" Big Grin Instead I'll go wipe now Big Grin
LMAO! Very clever! Had me going for a bit! Big Grin
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