IP manager
I need a plugin that automatic notifies admins in ADMIN CP or somewhere about a user having a SAME IP as an another user, whether it is a registration IP or Last IP any IP USED in history or new. This plugin for 1.8

I tried using Yaladram's IP manager on 1.8 but it has alot bugs on 1.8 and didnt work :/

Please help

Thanks Heart
+1 I'm also interested in a plugin (or modification) that warns when two different users are connected with the same IP
try to use this plugin by changing compatibility .
Doesnt work that way, it blocks the from viewing Plugins sections (Buggy)
Please help

I need a IP detector that detects IP used on any other account and it sends a PM who did it detect with what other acc, and every single acc it detected to admins in MYBB forum

Someone help please

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