email errors when you try to log if there is no email server set
I cant run email server on my computer.

Im only testing mybb board.

Warning: mail(): "sendmail_from" not set in php.ini or custom "From:" header missing in E:\xxxxxxxxxxxxx\web\mybb\admin\global.php on line 100

I cant login to my admin control
If the admin panel is trying to send emails, it's because you are using an invalid username/password combination to login. Make sure you are tryping them correctly.

The email error is probably a result of not setting up your php.ini file correctly. Search php.ini for sendmail_from and make sure an address is set. For example, in my local php.ini file, it reads sendmail_from = "[email protected]". It's a completely made up address, but as long as an address is set, it doesn't really matter. Smile

Edit: Of course I should also mention that if you have not setup an email server, you will always get the error. Remember that myBB has to be able to send emails in order to work correctly.
I see ok

I figured out to put my isp's smtp server and email.

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