Discuss: MyBB 1.2.4 Released - Important Security Update
Quote:* Why do you leave space characters in the IP address?
Some IP Addresses, for those behind proxy servers are actually detected as two, with a space between them.

It's fairly uncommon these days but it still happens once in a while.
Thanks for the fix. Done it the manual way and it works great.
Sincerely Yours,
Ram Sayeg.
Soshite Wrote:Somebody probably already noted it, but the functions.php file causes the Quick Theme bug to rear it's head again (same fix I assume does it this time, haven't been able to try it yet).

destroyer Wrote:Nothing was changed which will cause the quick theme to fail.

Destroyer is correct. If you are experiencing the quick theme bug than you have an old version of quick theme and an old version of functions.php
thanks...... i love mybb Big Grin
Thanks for keeping us safe... I upgraded this morning.
Hello, I wish to manually patch my board with the "MyBB 1.2.3 to MyBB 1.2.4 Patch",
What is the how-to procedure to do that?
Read the announcement. It's pretty obvious
After this update when trying to login I get:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_banned_usernames() in /home/webbuzz/domains/webbuzz.ws/public_html/inc/functions_user.php on line 571
This problem was reported before with the MyBulletin theme and Hide Hack mod. We don't provide support for modifications or themes.
Hello guys,
I wonder how to place the security patch in this file?
2. inc/functions.php

global $db;
$ip = $db->escape_string(preg_replace("#([^.0-9 ]*)#", "", $ip));
return $ip;

Is this the right way to place the security patch "above" the " return $ip;"

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