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[For 1.8] Lock - Sell content in hide tags for newpoints points.
Have you tried the plugin in a fresh installation? It might give you insights into tracing the issue if it doesn't happen in a fresh install.
Why does it keep showing an "H" Title on every post?

Link to the forum thread:

Posters View with hidden content unlocked & code: Random letter "H" is showing on the post however I didn't type "H".

Members View of hidden content not unlocked: "H" is still showing.

Members View of hidden content unlocked: "H" is still showing.
for me i dont see H but is not working for when a user with Reputation point try To buy the content hide example i have Set to 1 point ... is not working because is show a White page You dont have enoff point A message like that ..

mybb 1.8.21 Version
mysql Madiadb
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
why this plugin is not update where is nekomimi please update this plugin

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