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[For 1.8] Lock - Sell content in hide tags for newpoints points.
Have you tried the plugin in a fresh installation? It might give you insights into tracing the issue if it doesn't happen in a fresh install.
Why does it keep showing an "H" Title on every post?

Link to the forum thread:

Posters View with hidden content unlocked & code: Random letter "H" is showing on the post however I didn't type "H".

Members View of hidden content not unlocked: "H" is still showing.

Members View of hidden content unlocked: "H" is still showing.
for me i dont see H but is not working for when a user with Reputation point try To buy the content hide example i have Set to 1 point ... is not working because is show a White page You dont have enoff point A message like that ..

mybb 1.8.21 Version
mysql Madiadb

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