help upgrading to 1.8.6
Simple helpdesk site (no plugins) running myBB 1.6.11

To be safe I 
1. backed up the database
2. made a copy of the helpdesk folder 
3. uploaded the 1.8.6 files from /Upload into the root of helpdesk 
4. then helpdesk/install/upgrade.php

It asked for Username and Password. Entered both, hit enter, and I got 
The username you have entered appears to be invalid.

Restored the site folder and I am able to get back in.

Will pay if you can upgrade the site to 1.8.6 or fix the permissions problem I was getting in the 1.6.11 site (the reason for the upgrade attempt). Please PM me.
you may PM me the details
Thanks to .m. I got my forum upgraded just fine. I had some other permission related issues that had been plaguing me for a while. After completing the upgrade M was able to (re)educate me on the MyBB permissions model involving categories, forums and groups, and how to set them up properly.
M is very reasonable on price and willing to answer any and all questions related to MyBB. We got everything working within a day. I highly recommend this individual.

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