Allow multiple emails per user for login.
Hi guys,

I am currently trying to decide on a forum software for the needs of my website. 
So far I like both phpBB & MyBB, but neither has my exact requirements out of the box & I wonder if any developers might be able to either point me in the right direction or offer their services for custom development (paid).  

The brief:
  • I want users to be able to add additional emails to their user profile such as their personal, company, home address, etc. 
  • Users with additional emails will be able to access a hidden private forum(s) specific to that email address: for example [email protected] is then allowed access to a hidden private forum for all community members within his company. 
  • Users who are subscribed to our software can gain access to support forums for their purchase.  

  • The software my company sells has named user licensing by email address so we would need to verify which
  • Companies that have paid software subscriptions would gain administrative access over the hidden company forum and can then view, add & kick out members who should not be there. 
  • Emails will be unique to each user (so two people can't have [email protected])
  • Each email address will be verified with a verification email.
Is this possible with MyBB & if there's a plugin already that might help please let me know.  If anyone wants to help with the integration please feel free to PM me or post below.  

Oh, and the site must be multilingual across 3 languages (but it seems that this is covered already in the translations)


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