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[For 1.8] Whisper for ACP
WoooOw ..It's Very Amazing .. I Love This.
Thanks for release this free .. Smile

This is pure beauty,

Thanks for the release!
(09-24-2015, 02:50 PM)Shade Wrote:
Whisper for ACP

Whisper is a flat theme for MyBB's ACP crafted with love by Shade.

I decided to release this theme for free because I am too busy to write down a working market system for my site, although I spent more than 100 hours (and counting) working on it. Please consider donating as much as you want to keep me motivated. Thank you.

The theme includes some extra features other than the design itself, aimed to improve the ACP usability. These include a new homepage with stunning analytics and more friendly informations about your server and your MyBB installation, full page template editing, more understandable and centered popups and messages, comprehensive selectors and radio buttons.

Upload all the files maintaining the same structure as they are listed in the package. Go to the plugins list and Install & Activate Whisper. The theme will be enabled for all active admins. They can choose to disable it singularly by changing their preferences. Please note that changing the preferences without installing Whisper from the plugins list will cause a partial visualization of the theme.

You can download Whisper from the Mods Site.

[Image: eWQLMuP.jpg]

[Image: 2atCcl8.png]

[Image: xCu89Jl.jpg]

[Image: MYasuQc.png]

[Image: MHNbZJM.jpg]

[Image: 4GYRdWu.jpg]

[Image: nFAjZaA.png]

[Image: ed76faa6be869bcb9f8d07cff34af531.png]

May I release my general theme for the board?
This is a gorgeous theme, I don't normally change my ACP style, but this looks so fantastic I'm tempted too.
(09-27-2015, 11:00 PM)Azzurra Wrote:
[Image: ed76faa6be869bcb9f8d07cff34af531.png]

May I release my general theme for the board?
No. Please do not release that since I may release the front end in the future but it will be paid.
[Image: fSGNVQj.png]
Thanks for Awesome Theme
no default avatar? Toungue
The analytics don't show on my homepage of the theme, just the default stats that you would see on the default theme. o.O Is it an option or something?
Perfect !
When i use the scroll up and down its damn slow! how to fix please?
It basically lags dude.
Do NOT PM me for support unless I ask you on your support thread.

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