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Solved: 6 Years ago hide email address.
Solved: 6 Years ago
Hi all,
I have one question.
Please look at the screenshot.
If possible, I want to set default to hide all email address.
When new users register, I want to be the check box is checked.
Which template should I edit?
I’m waiting for your advice  Smile

My board URL is: http://xfree.info


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Solved: 6 Years ago
I think you just need this:
Solved: 6 Years ago
Hi Bielecki, I thank for your super quick reply. \(^O^)/
I had already know Registration Checkboxes plugin and installed it.
but this plugin didn’t resolve my problem.
though this plugin show configuration option, 
I want to hide email adresss as default setting.
Because most of people don’t want to show email adresss on my board.
I guess there is configuration file in MyBB software, I couldn’t find it.  Sad 

Solved: 6 Years ago




*change compatibility line
Solved: 6 Years ago
you need to edit the member.php file from your cpanel file manager and look around L1093: https://github.com/mybb/mybb/blob/featur....php#L1093

and change this....
$hideemailcheck = '';

into this...
$hideemailcheck = "checked=\"checked\"";
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Solved: 6 Years ago
Vanz, Thanks for your reply (*´∀`*)
I’m glad you probably search many times to find that two plugins.
But I want to solve my problem without plugins in this case.
I say thank you again, you are very kind guy!

mmadhankumar, Thank you sooooooooo(×10000times) much!
Please look at my screenshot.
This is the new user registration screen and your answer is perfect!
My problem has been completely solved now.  Smile

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