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Hello again.
I cannot create new threads in closed category, although I'm forum Administrator. I don't have even "post thread" button. If there is a topic in category, I cannot reply to it neither.

This is how does open forum look:

And that's closed:

Yes, I know that I can set it as open, and then modify permissions of groups, but I want to have a locked icon near it.
[Image: IY7BOjW.png]
Is that even possible, or not?
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so you have unchecked the "Forum is Open?" option from the forum's settings and then you cant post threads although being a admin... if thats the issue you are referring to, then its not a issue... thats how it works... have you read the description of that settings...

Quote:If unselected, users will not be able to post in this forum regardless of permissions.
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Yes, I read it, but my friend had MyBB forum, and as moderator, I could write in these categories, whose had a padlock near them. That's why I'm asking, I was pretty sure, that I should be able to do that as admin, do anything I wish, like root in unix.
So it's impossible, right? Maybe it's possible to have opened forum, and have a padlock near category?

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