[Rejected] Sceditor WYSIWYG - Redundancy
When using tags such as Font Size, Font Color, Bold, Italic, etc around a text in multiple lines, the tags are applied to each line, instead of using only 1 tag for the whole text. Works fine in Source mode though.

Eg. Applying font size in wysiwyg mode:

[size=large]line 1[/size]
[size=large]line 2[/size]
[size=large]line 3...[/size]

There is redundancy...

Eg. Applying font size in source mode:

[size=large]line 1
line 2
line 3...[/size]

Works as desirable.
This is an intended behavior of SCEditor. We'd have to rewrite it (or hope that its devs will do that), which is not viable at this point, so rejecting.

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