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Geek Blab
Zalaki Wrote:and Labrocca.. the word geek.. I have almost 10+ sites using the word geek.. Big Grin

Its gonna be almost 15 by this weekend.. maybe 20 depending on what I can do during the week

Yes I understand that but to take credit or ownership for the usage of geek is really inappropriate imho. I have 50 domains with videogame. I have about 50 domains with forum. I wouldn't dare to say that videogame or forum is mine. You don't even have the .com of your main site.

Oddly in my portfolio I don't have a single geek domain. I don't find the word attractive for usage.

Anyways that's off-topic. is really nice imho...great name and the skin is working well.

You should get rid of that splash page imho. You can add this in an .htaccess file in order for the portal page to popup first.

DirectoryIndex portal.php index.php index.html

That should work to make portal.php the first to be checked.
I am going to use index.html to have user submitted links, as a reward for posting a lot.

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