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Wants a Good Mybb theme designer
Post4VPS Is a Post2host which provides users free VPSes by doing certain number of posts

I want a Good Mybb theme designer for Our forum
In return we may provide VPS in some terms and conditions
If any one is intersted then please PM me in My username is Dynamo , profile-

Our site:
I wants to sell a Ad banner area on, If anyone is interested then u may can contact me via PM with Range of ur price which u can give per month
OneShoot Theme Responsive For MyBB 1.8
Expo - Fully Responsive For MyBB 1.8

Only $25
Whats u mean Lavaskins by giving that theme link ?
(10-15-2015, 05:19 PM)HMR Wrote: Whats u mean Lavaskins by giving that theme link ?

It's a high-quality theme that you could use or customize, ultimately for far less than you'd pay a designer for custom work. If you still need something custom, then you can just wait and see if someone replies with interest.
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Does he wants to give me that theme for free? (sure "not" ) then why he is posting that link here?
(10-16-2015, 09:04 AM)HMR Wrote: Does he wants to give me that theme for free? (sure "not" ) then why he is posting that link here?

Well let's see; you post an RSJ thread requesting someone build you a responsive theme, for free.

Do you have any idea how long it takes to build such a theme? Weeks. Any good webmaster would pay for it, or at least do it themselves if they were unable to cough up.

Last time I checked; people were allowed to advertise their themes that fit criteria, which this one does. Stop being ungrateful, get in touch with the theme dev and work something out with them, instead of complaining about it.
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well i am Granting them Free VPS for there work,,u know do now a days how much does 1 good VPS can cost u ?
If you are not interested then no need of Applying but don't pass bad comments (if u feel its not enough for you then no need of applying, its as simple as that )
And yet, you somehow feel the right to annoy every developer. Take my advice, if you want someone to help you, change your attitude. A majority of theme developers, I would hazard, are happy with their current host; they probably don't want a VPS. They want monetary supplement for the work they're doing.

And yes, I do know how much VPS' cost. I also know how much servers cost, as I'm a fully qualified systems admin.
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Well, this Offers is made for Theme developer who are in search of vps and if u are not then u can ignore becoming a part of it.
As my offer is quite straight forward.

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