Hide Codes from editor on portal announcements
Hello! I'm having a problem with my forum's portal, I changed it using a tutorial so that portal announcements were displayed as square blocks and were cut off to add a read more button, and it works fine but I just recently noticed that codes from text editor like color, font size, font type.. are visible.. the effects of the editor codes are applied fine but the text of the code is still visible on portal announcements

Like this..

[Image: xtjmh3d.jpg]

Is there a way to hide the code text showing there?

EDIT: I found out, the problem is because messages are cut off on portal announcements so the editor codes cant be completed, but in that case, how could I disable editor text formatting on portal announcements only?
You cant as the text formatting is in the message stored in the database. What you could do is use XThreads to add a portal page "slug" for the post but that is a very big sledgehammer for this nut. There was a plugin by Omar G that did something similar for a read more; I dont know if it was updated for 1.8.x
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