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[For 1.8] Profile Visitors (like IPB last guests)
Hm... nice idea. I will add this in free time Smile
Hi im trying link the avatar but dont work,

Here is my code ;
$db->escape_string('<a href="'.get_profile_link($visitor['uid']).'"><img src="{$avatar[\'image\']}" original-title="'.htmlspecialchars_uni($visitor['username']).'" width="35" height="35" style="border-radius: 4px;"/></a>'

$visitor['uid'] and $visitor['username'] dont work :/
How Can I implement it ?
This doesn't work for me. Gives me an SQL Error any reason why?
SQL Error:
1054 - Unknown column 'show_profile_visitors' in 'field list'
UPDATE mybb_users SET show_profile_visitors=1 WHERE uid = 2
Reinstall plugin using newest version.
(2016-08-30, 02:08 PM)lukasamd Wrote: Reinstall plugin using newest version.

Exactly what I did.
What is this?????

public static function pluginThanks(&$content)

Did you get permission?
What?! Persmission?! On my own plugin?!
You just kidding, right?

There is info about that in plugin databse, on github and in first post in this topic:

This plugin add link to author website (only for web spiders). If you do not want this, do not use plugin, or make donate and contact author.

So, feel free - use with this function and thank for my work, donate, or don't use this plugin.
It's simple...
I do not use anymore.

Do you have information of use? No.

[Image: do.php?imgf=147285085160991.png]
All is clear, you just can't read...
Or you don't want read...  Sad
Sad... such users make me as plugins author very sad...

All my plugins use that function, so remove all my plugins from your board (you use for example style usernames) or... just donate?



sorry, removing your plugins. This is not donate.

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