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hello, guys. Nice website!
I already install last version and follow all steps, but when i finish i cant login in my admin panel, just show homepage of my forum /admin/index.php I check cookie and everything is fine... Any idea why i cannot login?

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try to be more specific
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Sorry, my english is not good. After installation i login in my admin account, but when i click on "Admin CP" i just didnt login in my admin panel. Just refresh the page and i stay on the some page....
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what your forum's url
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And when try to click on "Admin CP" i go to this link and see the same page like this
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i see it is a new forum try to upload the Files again... also your forums redirect back to homepage.. did you make any edits to .htaccess
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sorry for my delay
No i didnt edit my .htaccess
And i must make new installation? It is this help, because when i cant login in admin panel i delete files and install it again and this dont help me...
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It appears you are running Invision Power Board, not MyBB. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with the support to resolve this issue, as IP.Board is not our product.

You can visit their community forums for support at

Thank you for your understanding.
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