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First it was an issue with uploading my e-books ( in zip format ) through attachments. I had everything in order when I made the mistake of installing the Ajax multi uploader, and it made an upload error of repeating the file uploads so that I would end up with 6 or more copies of the same file and nothing is showing in them,.

I uninstalled the mod and went back to mybb attachments. That would not work at all , so I configured my attachments so that it would upload larger files than I need and this morning that part works, however now you can't download at all, anything. If you go to my forum and enter one of the book areas now they can't be downloaded. All this and all I am trying to do is open a free legal e-book site.

Does someone please have an idea as to what to do, to get back on track. I have 75 posts I know that is not much but I have 800 to go and now it would be totally useless. Huh

Thank you for reading.,

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Do you have enable attachment downloads on
Been awhile since using MYBB.
Not Solved
Yes I double checked on groups and in adminĀ and still nothing, OIC I fixed it.. hooray! I ran the wrong code for the button. Now I think I am back on track. Thanks to everyone, Smile

Okay, so now after I went step by step, inch by inch, I figured out what was wrong and I am back on track and all together. I uninstalled all my mods, uninstalled and deleted a plugin that was the culprit, and now all works. One step closer two steps back but I am getting there. Thanks so much for the help everyone,


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