Not Solved [How To?] Display username when hovering over buddylist avatar?
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Hi I'm using the myprofile plugin and I wanted to change it so instead of showing the username under the avatar, it shows when hovering over the avatar, this is the code I used..

<td style="text-align:center;" class="{$td_class}" width="20%"><a href="{$profile_link}"><img src="{$avatar_src}" width="90px" height="131px" title="{$username}"></a></td>

It works fine for usergroups with no format but for usergroups with format (like <span style... and such), it displays the code broken like this

[Image: 9dQ1DyQ.jpg]

And this is when you hover over the avatar

[Image: RRDXv2i.jpg]

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try using {$memprofile['username']} instead of {$username}
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Hi mmadhankumar, thanks for helping, I just tried the code you mentioned and the code for the name is not broken anymore but when hovering over the avatar, it displays the same name, in this case it displays my own username even when hovering on another user's avatar from my buddy list

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