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I have been tasked to create a new forum website and have chosen MyBB for the
job.  I have a spreadsheet with several hundred names and email addresses that are to
be registered with the new BB.  The list will never grow any larger, and yes, I
have permission to register all those names with the site.

Is there some existing way to add multiple users to the database, or could it
possibly be done with SQL statements?  This will only have to be done one time,
because once the names are registered it would become a case of normal updating.

I have searched the MyBB documentation, the forums, and the help files and
cannot find anything on this subject.  I suspect it doesn't come up often.

It would also help a great deal if, while registering these names, they were
also subscribed to all the existing forums on the BB, so they could later 'opt

I am new to MyBB, but I have some familiarity with PHP and MySQL.

Thanks in advance for any help.
(2015-11-03, 12:42 PM)expat Wrote: So why go to the moon, when only a few people can land there ? Toungue

Thats just not one small step for man Toungue

Have a plan and then execute it, dont pander to the mob, coz never underestimate the power of stupid people in large number LOL

Not saying you should or should not add this, and i see no use for my needs, but your reason for rejecting is all wrong

False analogy. Going to the moon produced new knowledge and scientific research that has reached millions of people in some way. There's a clear benefit there.
(2015-11-03, 01:29 PM)expat Wrote:
  • The Laravel PHP framework (specifically Laravel 5.1) will be used for backend development.
  • Twig will be the template engine.
  • 2.0 will use jquery 2.x as its base JavaScript library.
  • 2.0 will include full Search Engine Friendly URLs out of the box, along with meta tags and canonicals.
  • A WYSIWYG editor will be included with the option of disabling at the admin and user levels.
  • 2.0 will feature a new, modern, responsive theme.
  • An API will be available to make integration easier.
  • Improved User CP
  • Conversation PMs
  • New Profiles
  • Mobile Functionality
  • There will be modal boxes in 2.0 as Matt wrote in this post
  • Threaded mode will be removed.
Any community input? i doubt it Toungue

The things I've bolded have all resulted from community demand. To say that we don't care about the community and don't listen at all is an asinine claim to make.
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You can probably just register them all by logging out of the admin account and making and account by registering. You can automatically activate them when you're done, through the ACP (Admin Control Panel).
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Can you post the structure of your existing user database?
Not Solved
I also searching for this hope someone will help

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