Not Solved [How To?] How to do a mass registration
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I posted this elsewhere by accident.

I have been tasked to create a new forum website and have chosen MyBB for the
job.  I have a spreadsheet with several hundred names and email addresses that are to
be registered with the new BB.  The list will never grow any larger, and yes, I
have permission to register all those names with the site.

Q: Is there some existing way to add multiple users to the database, or could it
possibly be done with SQL statements?  This will only have to be done one time,
because once the names are registered it would become a case of normal updating.

I have searched the MyBB documentation, the forums, and the help files and
cannot find anything on this subject.  I suspect it doesn't come up often.

It would also help a great deal if, while registering these names, they were
also subscribed to all the existing forums on the BB, so they could later 'opt

I am new to MyBB, but I have some familiarity with PHP and MySQL.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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If you are familiar with MySQL, then you should know that importing data into a database is very easy. A few hundred lines is nothing. Why would something like this be documented, it is not the normal way of registering members.
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Thanks. I figured that would be the answer. And my reason for doing it is that is what I am tasked to do. Otherwise I have to enter each person individually. Don't ask.
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Not asking. The part about entering data is easy, just import it. You obviously have all their encrypted passwords on the list.
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