Not Solved [WIP] Black Red
Not Solved

Not really my "cup of tea", Toungue

I'm making this for someone who told me he liked the phpBB version....

It's currently undergoing fine-tuning in a live environment.

It will also be released along with the other beta-tested themes I've made, when my total-to-date will be 10 themes. At the moment it's seven.. Big Grin

My Licence for released themes will be:

You are not allowed to delete or change ANY copyright's or credits at the bottom of all pages. You are not allowed to redistribute the package or parts of it without the authorisation from the author. You are allowed to change the theme; and if the changes are major... such as a colour-change with new buttons etc, you are
encouraged to add a line in the footer "Modified by you (and change the A_Char_Brown to A_Char_Your Colour) and upload to Aus-Themes; so that all can have the benefit of it.

Don't be selfish... and share the changes that you make... Toungue
Not Solved
Hi, i think the orange text needs to be changed to the grey text, other than that i really like it
Not Solved
I didn't really like it at all with all of the red and more red. Sad

So I changed it... The only original thing left is two gradients, nine buttons and the header. Smile

So much for Black Red... Toungue

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