Not Solved Merge Issues IBP4
Not Solved
I am trying to move from IBP4.0.13 to MyBB.

The forums have different domains but are lying on the same server.

I am having some issues here, hopefully someone can help me.

1. Importing Avatars:

Importing avatars seems to work mostly.
I got some reports that it can't find the avatar picture, but that might be orphaned files and I don't care as users can always reupload their avatar in case it's missing.

However, 106 avatarsĀ (out of about 8500) left, I get the following error and it just stops importing:

Invalid user specified for "get_upload_avatar_name"

Any idea how to fix that or force it to continue?

UPDATE: The existing "imported" avatar pictures so far are all HTML documents... so something seriously goes wrong here.

2. Importing attachments:

When I try to import the attachments, it says upfront:

The directory could not be read. Please adjust the chmod permissions to allow it to be read from and ensure the URL is correct. If you are still experiencing issues, please try the full system path instead of a URL (ex: /var/www/htdocs/path/to/your/old/forum/uploads/ or C:/path/to/your/old/forum/upload/). Also ensure access isn't being blocked by a htaccess file.

I made sure the directory is 777, I removed the .htaccess as well.
But still, after I start the import, it says for every attachment that it doesn't find it.

As both forums are on the same server and it mentions to try the full system path instead of a URL, I'd like to try that - but I have no idea where I can tell the merge system to do that.

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