Not Solved Seems... New users use my site to send spam
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I've closed my forum because spammers seem to use it for their spamming needs.

  I've only had new users register that have NO interest in my forum's subjects.
I began to notice my spam was increasing in my email box.

  I setup the forum to send the registration to my email address, and it worked correctly for a few users.
I had no email messages for new user registrations, for a long time.
  One day I when to the forum and found a new user, then went to admin mode and found 15+ users listed.
I never received a registration email (all my spam goes into a folder, so I know the email was never sent.) from any of them.
  I banned all of them.
Spam stopped (but it never occurred to me the spam might be from my own forum users...).

1st time:
I banned all the users (none seemed interested enough to ask why they were banned), and the spam stopped suddenly.

2nd time:
Same as 1st time.
  The the last bunch of users gained access by registering (still no registration came to my email address).
After I banned them all and close my forum, I've not had any spam since!

  MyBB is not working correctly, and seems spammers use it for their stupidity!
I think I may delete the forum, but I wanted to see if others have had this same problem 1st.

I did a lot of work trying to get the forum to look similar to my website (because I had no clue how to achieve it).
Surely there are some kind of safeguards in place to keep this kind of thing from happening.

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You might want to check out a few anti spam plugins.
Like such:

-Also, if you do not mind me asking, are you using PHP mail or smtp?
-Next, what email provider do you have? (Yahoo, gmail, etc).
-Check your mail logs to make sure nothing is wrong there (admin panel --> tools & maintenance --> system mail log ).

Honestly, it could be something with your host and their email handling.
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What registration method do you have set in ACP under Login and Registration Options?
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there's the Stop Forum Spam settings

where is the option to receive mail on registration of new users?

Also i am a little confused, you are not getting registration notifications thru the email, BUT they are sending emails via the forums?
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I would strongly suggest you to upgrade to MyBB 1.8 which has many anti spam features built in the core software.. also i would like to inform that the support for Mybb 1.6 has already ended and you wont get any official support for issues with MyBB 1.6...
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