Not Solved [How To?] Recount User Group Totals
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How can I have user group totals recounted in the admin panel? 

I have a group that's showing just shy of 80,000 members when the group's total should only be around ~39,000 because we only have 40,000 members.
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i think this happened after you moved them to the new group with the sql query i provided on other thread.. were those member's "Additional User Groups" were set to this group prior to moving them...

EDIT: open any user profile on ACP and check if their Usergroup and Additional User Groups are set to the same group...
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Hey mmmadhankumar we're experiencing some problems:

Promotions are stopping after 5120 members, if we manually move someone to the other group it stays.

It appears our statistics on the user groups page is frozen.

Half of our groups don't even have 'orders'. The option doesn't exist.

I did check some random profiles, primary & secondary aren't the same. Primary = one group the secondary is blank.

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