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is there any way to automatically subscribe thread starter to his own thread only, only in specific forum?
Like this: (obviously it's not a solution for me).
English is not my native language, so, sorry for any mistakes which I will do for sure.
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you can subscribe to all treads in specific forum and you can subscribe to all you threads, but you can't subscribe to your threads in specific forum only

though it is easy enough to press button where you want to subscribe/unsubscribe
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I've been waiting for a plugin to do this, but I thought this quick & dirty hack may help someone who wants to quickly modify mybb to have auto-subscribe for thread starter - by making it a default option in thread creation screen.

I modified the template here :
Templates & Style > Templates > Default Templates > Post Templates > post_subscription_method

Just add a "checked" attribute to the third subscription option. This will set it as default every time a new thread is created.
<label><input type="radio" name="postoptions[subscriptionmethod]" {$postoptions_subscriptionmethod_email} value="email" checked style="vertical-align: middle;" /> {$lang->instant_email_subscribe}</label><br />

This was done in version 1.8.12 and it is still working after I upgraded to version 1.8.14 Smile

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