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Hi all

I downloaded a plugin from mybb that displays latest post and todays posts.

It has the icons on the top of the screen near the portal button.

What i would like to do is change my index page and have the latest posts page as my main page.

So when you land on our site you are greeted with all the posts from today across the screen with the title of the post on the main part of the screen and the forum on the far right.

Then if posters want to view forum catergories they would link on a link at the top of the site.

Is this possible?

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This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
i think it was a side bar plugin for that there was not 1 when last time i looked ;(

could be wrong tho
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Yea ive seen the sidebar plugin, im looking for something that allows the whole page to display latest posts and not forum cateorgories, i want them to be a click option instead.

Thanks anyhow

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